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"Pieces made with the thought and intention of being enjoyed in days to come"

MIJU is a collection of accessories made by hand,  inspired by the vast oceans & the small communities we form around them.   


  Many pieces in the collection are made with fair trade materials and incorporate hand crafted stones and beads. The collection is meant to be a visual journey through West Africa. More specifically Ghana, and it's far reaching bead culture.

  Constantly under-acknowledged in modern  American & European society , throughout Western Africa are places with a rich history of bead making that dates back thousands of years. Almost every piece includes some type of these beads in some way, making each one of a kind.

  Each style of bead is made by hand, using traditions that have been passed down throughout generations & between tribes. These practices are kept alive by markets like those found in Accra, Ghana's capital which allow artisans to share their work with the world.

Image : 'Holiday' Henrik Purienne
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